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We've compiled some of the games our students have created since we started the Games programmes at UEL, to give you a look at the types of skills our students develop. Some of these are demos and some of them are more fleshed out, for example Allegory, by Martin Fasterholdt is playable on Kongregate.. The below showreel showcases some of our games and there are more posted below which are playable!

Window Washer

Window Washer gameplay
Window Washer is a vertical platformer where the player must guide the character to clean up all the dirty windows of a tower block while avoiding the rubbish that the residents are throwing out of their windows. It was made using Stencyl.

Shield Defender

Shield defender gameplay showing the player controlled turrets, AI enemies and countdown timer
Shield defender is a defensive shooter inspired by the likes of Space Invaders and Galaga. The player controls three turrets and must shoot the UFO enemies out of the sky before they can cause damages to their shield.


Screenshot of main gameplay in evasioner - the player shape evades other shapes in the level
Evasioner is a rapid avoidance game with similarities to Asteroids (without the shooting). The goal is to keep the player's shape (a blue circle) alive for as long as possible without touching any of the other shapes on the screen.


Blackwings dungeon gameplay
Created by Mark Bowen in 2014, Blackwings is a class based RPG.

Project Blend

Project Blend Logo
Project Blend is a 3D unity game about produce fighting in the kitchen. With witty puns and a thorough narrative, project blend is a great example of well planned and executed game design. Check out the microsite the team built for the project.